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MontyVedacan\'t beat a boxy retro robot06.19.15
BEDOShirtsAmazing author!06.05.15
stebendaGood Tshirt reflective fabric06.05.15
UnknownArtsFor a working link please visit https://www.etsy.com/li...06.01.15
MontyVedaPersonally I love this one05.27.15
MontyVedaI love it and i want one!05.19.15
brodstercute:) http://tshirtdazzle.com/03.23.14
SoulHarvester13i want this shirt09.24.12
beemoreteesThe absolute best!04.07.12
PaulI really like this! Thanks for adding it to shirtseek!06.24.11
slowDan01Thats cool06.20.11
slowDan01Snake is Cool!06.20.11
binaryzeroAs DJ, I must say I love the turn table, bass, and big ...04.08.11
deklerWould love it if it were long-sleeve, because long slee...11.14.10
btardohah me likee.08.14.10
ryanmacI\'ve had this shirt for a while, and the few times I\'...04.07.10
PaulYep, Simpsons. You got it!11.30.09
PaulOh this is just too awesome.10.20.09
ShadZWho is Anderson? Shouldn\'t it be Andersen?08.21.09
ShadZI can never decide if I like Ed Hardy or not 08.21.09
PaulI\'m speechless.07.25.09
cottonsoup_cool_shirtsWhat is this from.. remind me of something.. Simpsons m...05.28.09
PaulApparently that shirt is famous: http://www.wmur.com/ne...05.28.09
ph0enix1211You fail at risk.03.05.09
ph0enix1211Ooh! Mr. Sparkle!03.05.09
ph0enix1211I\'m dizzzzy...03.05.09
ph0enix1211♪do dodo do dodo do dodo do♪03.05.09
PaulThis shirt is awesome.01.16.09
PaulI don\'t care if the taco has a distinct meat advantage...12.22.08
PaulWow, what can I say? This shirt is somehow both awful ...12.21.08
Lifes_PoliticalSweet Christian Guilt, Life's Political!11.24.08
zerosavaI love this shirt! Will be getting it when payday comes...10.29.08
jojo70Cool T-Shirt. Well done BombG10.21.08
PaulNot much of a logo, is it?10.05.08
MommyOhBwa-hahaha! MUST. OWN. THIS. SHIRT. 10.04.08
PaulThis shirt is confusing to me. It's made to look like ...10.01.08
MARSA04I personally have this tee and i love everything about ...09.30.08
PaulI like the design, but I'm underwhelmed by the text in ...09.27.08
Whyldglobal warming is a proven thing09.27.08
Whyldperfectly weird09.27.08
Whyldvintage pimp 09.27.08
Whyldgeek pimps only09.27.08
Whyldonly true geeks would understand09.27.08
Whyldcute...if your 509.27.08
PaulI'd only want this shirt if I could get this exact shir...09.26.08


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