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  Shirtseek loves you!

Shirtseek loves you. Yes we do. And we want you to love us too. That's why we're committed to making Shirtseek the best site we possibly can. For some of you, we've got a long way to go. But for those of you who already get what we're all about, we can't thank you enough.

Love for Shirtseek

" comparing a critically acclaimed book with a flashy news stand magazine. One is in the game of making money, [Shirtseek] has higher ideals, of building a long lasting community."
  ~Paul Baines (09.14.08)

"My favorite of the three [t-shirt] search engines..."
  ~The T-Shirt Review (09.23.08)

"A fun search engine dedicated to find that particular t-shirt you're looking for... It's a cool service." (09.24.08)

If you'd like to write about us too, we'd be delighted! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

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Feel the Love

We want the world to know how much we love having your shirts on Shirtseek, so we've whipped up some banners you could use to show people just how much we care. So, if you've got shirts on our site (and if you don't, why haven't you submitted your shirts yet? :-), feel free to "feel the love" and stick these banners all over the place:

Shirtseek <3 Me! Shirtseek <3 Me!

Shirtseek <3 Us! Shirtseek <3 Us!

Alternately, if you love being here as much as we love having you, there are the following banners too:

I <3 Shirtseek! I <3 Shirtseek!

We <3 Shirtseek! We <3 Shirtseek!

We trust you'll know what to do with these, but if you need any help just ask. Also, the banners were all made with the somewhat arbitrary dimensions of 235x50, so if the size or style doesn't quite work for you please let us know and we'll fix you up with something special ;-).

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