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Although it may look simple on the surface, there are a bunch of features available on shirtseek, and new ones are being added all the time. See the following list to make sure you've taken full advantage of all we have to offer. And be sure to take a peek at the COMING SOON section as well to see what may be available someday.

search shirts

Use the search bar at the top of the page to look for shirts you might like. The more search terms you use the better. You can try searching by theme (ex: "movie"), or color (ex: "brown"), to find shirts that way.

browse shirts

If searching just isn't your thing, you can go to the browse page to show you a variety of shirts. You can order the shirts by the date they were added to the site (ex: newest, oldest), alphabetical order by title, most popular shirts (by number of views), or just a random selection.

similar shirts

On the details page for each shirt will be a list of other shirts that are similar. Sometimes the results are similar based on subject matter, but sometimes it is color or some other not-so-obvious quality. It's a great way to be exposed to new shirts you might like that you wouldn't have necessarily thought to look for.

shirt subjects (NEW!)

Just to add one more way you can browse and explore shirts on shirtseek, every shirt that is about a particular subject will have a link that lets you view other shirts on that subject. And, if you'd just like to see a list of the subjects we have currently, we've got that too. Just head on over to the subjects page to go see 'em.

"surprise me!" button (NEW!)

Like living dangerously? Just don't feel like typing anymore? Then take a deep breath, embrace your inner rebel, and hit the "surprise me!" button at the top of the page (it's the shirt with the question mark in it) to be taken to a random shirt on shirtseek. It's the navigation method of choice for high-rollers everywhere.

user login & profiles

You can create a login name to use on shirtseek. Once your desired username and password are confirmed (by email address), your login will enable you to leave comments on shirts, rate them, as well as receive credit when suggesting new shirts for the site. With a valid login you will also gain access to your own profile page which can be customized. You do not need to login to view profiles, but you do need to login to create or modify your own profile.


Each shirt can be rated on a scale from 0 to 5 (0 being awful, 5 being awesome). Similarly, the description of the shirt (which is sometimes funnier than the shirt itself) can be rated separately. Anyone can view a shirt's current ratings, but you need to login rate shirts yourself.


If you feel inspired to commend or critique a particular shirt, you can do so in the comments section on its details page. This type of discussion is what makes the shirtseek community so great. Your comments will show your username, avatar, and link to your profile. You need to login to use this feature.


If a user finds that a shirt's details are broken or missing (broken images, links, etc.), a duplicate of another shirt on the site, or otherwise incorrect in some way, a user can flag that shirt for review using the "flag it" dropdown list at the bottom of each details page. Similarly, if a user determines that a shirt contains inappropriate content, it can be flagged using the same method.

submit shirts

Help keep shirtseek fresh with the latest in unique and interesting shirts. Our list of shirts is growing everyday, but it can only get better with your help. Add new shirts to shirtseek by filling out the submit form. While you do not need to login to use this feature, if you do you will be given credit for your find. You might even make some money in the process. Read more about submitting shirts here.

suggestion box

Have a suggestion for us? Use the suggestion box.


Here's some stuff we're still working on. Don't know when it will be available yet, but stay tuned...

coming soon section

There will be more here very soon, I promise :-)

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